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Fun*T| Rules!

Rule #1: Do not use offensive language and do not rage!

Rule #2: Respect all players and be nice and friendly!

Rule #3: No arguing with admins!

Rule #4: Camping in frag servers is allowed, but try to play fair!

Rule #5: No advertising your server, clan, website or forum!

Rule #6: Do not kill or block your teammates intentionally!

Rule #7: Do not ask for admin rights!

Rule #8: No racism of any kind!

Rule #9: Do not use offensive, annoying or stolen names!

Rule #10: Do not use hacks/cheats!

Rule #11: Clan members must always wear the tag of the clan! (Fun*T|)

Rule #12: Clan members must be active in servers, web and skype/discord!



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14-12-2018 22:47
yooo!! wb Grin

09-12-2018 16:41
Hooii !! Grin

01-08-2018 19:20
it works, thanks Smile

01-08-2018 15:22
Hey, I allowed your id. You should be able to connect now. Tell me if it works Smile

31-07-2018 15:50
yo, can you allow VPN registered users to connect? I'm away from home, using public hotel wifi, so for security reasons I connect through VPN (private internet access). But also banned Pfft

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